So what did i think of the world challenge experience?

Don't get me wrong, The expedition was amazing, its something I thoroughly enjoyed and I'll never forget. But I'm talking about the World Challenge experience which was not so rosy.

The support before the expedition was lousy, our first rep left about 3 months in, the next one we never saw, she was fired after our and other groups complaints admittedly the last few months were much better but the damage had been done.

The main selling point of World Challenge over some of the cheaper providers was the support offered. It seemed the only time they were interested in us as a group was when the money was due. We received the first money management sheets, some photocopyies of the first planing sheets and that's about it.. The folder never arrived despite repeated promises, the t shirts (for anyone that was not small or medium small) arrived the day before our last money raising event (mid June 2003) a whole 18 months after we should have received them. They only arrived because parents had written formal letters to the director of the company.

I'll move on to the expedition

The tents (which as I'm sure I've said before are very nice tents) were brand new, but they hadn't had their seams sealed as you have to do with new tents, so they leaked when it rained as we discovered the hard way (luckily it never really rained hard enough for it to be a problem).

The in country budget total (for 12 of us + 2 staff + Cliff) worked out to be about 4,600 GBP which is not a lot considering each of us (the 12) had paid 2,995 GBP a grand total of 35,940 GBP

Considering the above it was beyond belief that Will Woodstock their in country agent was hassling Cliff, Badga and George to persuade us to cover the financial risk in advance in the case of Modestus not being happy with his compensation.

That just about covers my issues with them. They did admit in a formal letter that their support for our group was unsatisfactory, they however completely ignored the suggestion of compensation not even covering the topic in their reply

I would thoroughly recommend going on an expedition with any organisation as it a phenomenal experience, just make sure you're getting what you're paying for, if not complain loudly and as soon as possible, don't put up with their poor excuses

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